Canyon Theatre Guild

World-renowned, highly-acclaimed, award-winning, demented director Brad Sergi is seeking the funniest, zaniest comedic actors around for Rex's Exes at the Canyon Theatre Guild!

 All characters except Wild Bill must have a Texas dialect. Open to younger actors playing older!

Please contact director Brad Sergi by phone at (323) 823-7555 with any questions you may have.

Either read from the play, or do a 1-minute monologue from the play or similar material. Singing, western swing dance, and/or playing an instrument a plus but not required. If singing, just a few bars, either unaccompanied or to music on an MP3 device. Dance either with no music or music on an MP3 device. If you play an instrument, bring it please.
Note: If you have a headshot and/or resume, please bring it!

Saturday, December 2nd, 9am - 4pm
Callbacks will be Saturday, December 9th, 9am - 4pm

Auditions at 24242 Main Street in the White Building Studio at the Canyon Theatre Guild.

Performances run weekends from March 24th through April 29th.

Female Roles:
Jimmie Wynette Verdeen -  40’s to 50’s. Caucasian. High energy. Has a unibrow. Wears men’s Western wear. Must be in great condition to handle lots of wrestling! (Open to casting a male to play female for this part)

Peaches Verdeen Belrose - Late 30’s to 50. Caucasian. Sexy, adorable, can be a bit of an airhead. Flashy dresser.

La Merle Verdeen Minshew - 50’s to 70. Caucasian. The elder of the Verdeens. Busy body. Self serving, sharp tongued. Wicked witch type.

Cee Cee Windham - Open age. Open race. Works as a hostess at the public access TV station. Sassy, fun loving. Perhaps a bit tacky.

Bitsy Hargis - Early 40’s to 50’s. Open race. Petite-itsy bitsy. Must be in good shape to be able to wrestle. Pretty and perky. Thinks she is prim and proper. Annoying.

Gentle Harmony - Age Open. Race open. A fake mystic. Wears too many bracelets, finger cymbals, wild hair, etc.

Marlissa Crutchfield - Late 30’s to 60’s. Open race. Beautifully overly-quaffed. Stuffy. Thinks she is superior. 

Mama Doll Hargis - 80 to 120. Open race. Sex-crazed. Drags around an oxygen tank. Spunky. (Can go younger to play older)

Male Roles:
Uncle Aubrey Verdeen - 80 to 120.  Caucasian. Sex-crazed, fun, good-natured, prankster. Drags around an oxygen tank. (Can go younger to play older)

Theodore Rexford “Rex” Belrose - 40’s to 50’s. Caucasian. Married to Peaches. Supposedly dead. A sexy, heart throb stud. Good ol' boy nature. A cross between Lil' Abner and Elvis.

Wild Bill Boudreaux - 30’s to 50’s. Open race. Bounty hunter from the Bayou. Bayou dialect. Larger-than-life. Bullets strapped across his chest, carrying a shotgun. A cross between Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam, and Pepé Le Pew.

Minor Characters:
Camera operators and floor managers for the TV station, side-kicks for Wild Bill and dancers that are also stagehands and crew.



Audition information coming soon for... 
-  The Cemetery Club